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1. 推廣馬拉松長跑運動;

2. 普及馬拉松知識及提供專業顧問,包括技術、營養、預防受傷、心理輔導;

3. 提升香港馬拉松運動的比賽水平;

4. 通過馬拉松運動的體驗,培養市民堅毅不拔和克服逆景的意志和精神;

5. 改善市民的身體素質,培養堅持跑步的習慣,特別是年青一代;

6. 爭取清潔和存活的跑步環境;

7. 通過刊物、報章、電子媒介、工作坊、研討會和其他可行途徑,參與評論香港的康體發展政策和改革學校的體育課程;

8. 通過馬拉松運動,推動運動員及市民參與社會及公益活動;

9. 通過推廣馬拉松,使社會人士重視馬拉松運動,確認馬拉松運動員對社會的貢獻;

10. 推廣馬拉松文化,培養民族氣魄;

11. 推廣香港馬拉松運動為國際旅遊盛事,發展旅遊特點。

Introduction : Hong Kong Marathon Pro was established in 1999. This is initiated and formed by a group of
                        marathon elites and lovers. To promote and encourage Marathon sport.

1. To promote and encourage Marathon sport.

2. Popularize knowledge of Marathon and provide professional consultancy, including skill, nutrition, injury prevention and counseling.

3. To raise the competition level of Marathon sport.

4. To provide experiential education through Marathon, galvanize the willpower and foster spiritual qualities to overcome difficulties and plight.

5. To improve the physical faculties of the citizenry by implanting lasting running habit, especially for the younger generation.

6. To strive and preserve the clean and breathable environments for runners.

7. To participate and comment the sport and recreation development policy and review the school sport curriculum through magazines,
    newspapers, electronic media, workshop, seminar and other various means.

8. To promote and encourage runners and citizens to participate in social and other charitable activities through Marathon.

9. To prompt the publics to rise regard for Marathon, to acquire a social recognition for the contribution of the Marathon runners.

10. To promote Marathon cultures, to foster national ethos.

11. To develop international Marathon event as a tourist attraction.


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